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This year at MPLG we’ve been trying to tackle waste leather leaving our production line in a bid to improve our sustainability. We put out a post on our instagram for upcyclers – anybody who would be interested in repurposing our leather offcuts. We were very lucky to come across Love & Salvage.

Introducing the makers

Eli and Polly run Love & Salvage out of Hackney, London. They’re both passionate about reclaiming waste and making it into something beautiful. Their business is running workshops on designing and then handmaking leather bags and accessories.

The workshops are for anyone – whether you’re a complete beginner to leather crafting or already have some experience working with the tools needed. They offer various sessions for different accessories, all made from reclaimed waste material. You could make a shoulder bag, a pair of sneakers or upcycle an old leather jacket!

Alternatively, for a DIY session from home, they send kits with all the necessary components. Choose from a clutch bag to a pair of adorable baby moccasins.

Find out more about Eli & Polly and their creations on their instagram.

Saddle bag workshop with Eli & Jess

Of course, we had to make the trip down to London to sample a workshop and see for ourselves the second life given to our leather cut offs. MPLG’s Jess chose to make a saddle bag, complete with specialist leather paint (provided by Love & Salvage!).

We started by pressing out our pieces in the factory that Love & Salvage share with another company. Afterwards, Eli took us down the road to her studio where we painted and then stitched the pieces together.

Eli was super helpful and patient. This was Jess’ first time hand-making a bag so it was great to have her on hand to answer any questions!

Jess finished her bag back in Manchester with the kit supplies. It looks great and we already can’t wait to go and visit Eli & Polly again!

It’s wonderful to learn about these age-old skills, especially in such a hands-on way. We highly recommend Love & Salvage for anyone looking to explore their creativity and save some leather from landfill!

MPLG are very proud to work with this project. Thank you Eli & Polly!

Sustainable manufacturing

If you’re interested in making your products kinder to the planet, have a look at our reviews of ‘vegan’ leathers and other eco-conscious materials for some inspiration. We are available to answer any questions! Similarly, if you or a company you know would like some leather cutoffs, drop us a message.

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